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A group of frustrated people hijacked aeroplanes for the purpose of making hamburger out of thousands of innocent people.  Then, a group of people decided to overturn a despotic regime (that they put into power) that had no support from the government that gave them power (which happened to be the one that gave them support and training).
The people that landed aeroplanes into office buildings (I will never be able to forget the footage, watching the cold calculation of maximizing the destruction of perfectly good human beings), the people that were given support by government that gave them power and then turned away from them, committed that atrocity out of frustration.
They were given little choice.  America turned away.  America believed that God was on our side.  We turned away from the ideal of One Nation, indivisible.
The unthinkable happened because the Christian God was on our side.
God has no place in politics.

Why is America hated? Thoughts on why September 11, 2001 happened.

Why is America hated? (addendum)

U.S. Sympathy Sours In Mideast

The hidden possibilities

We should never forget what happened.  Or why.  We must understand this atrocity, so that the thousdands did not die in vain.