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The following files are in pdf format.

These documents are given in alphabetical order, by pdf file name.  They give the dates, the agents that servicemen were exposed to, the location of the tests (if known), and the ships that were involved.
The department of Veterans Affairs is trying to work with veterans who may have been part of these tests.  There are veterans' groups who are trying to find the servicemen involved, the people exposed.
The list of tests conducted continues to grow.  The number of lives affected, both military and civilian, is unknown.
More tests are being reviewed, some are being decassified and made public.  Three were added 31 December 2002, which I will soon add to this site (along with a couple that have been updated, or I was unable to archive earlier).

Autumn Gold, May 1963

Big Jack, Phase A February-March 1963

Big Jack, Phase B

Big Tom, May-June 1965

Copper Head, January-February 1965

Devil Hole I, summer 1965

Devil Hole II, July-August 1966

Dew Point, June-July 1967

Tiny Doll (deferred, renamed Speckled Start) September-October 1968

68-53, April-December 1969

69-10, May 1969

69-12, spring 1969

69-14, July-November 1971

69-31, August-September 1968

69-75, October-December 1968

70-73, July-December 1970

Eager Belle, Phase I, January-March 1963

Eager Belle, Phase II, January, March, June 1963

Elk Hunt, Phase I, July-August 1964

Elk Hunt, Phase II, June-July 1965, October-December 1965

Fearless Johnny, August-September 1965

Flower Drum, Phase I, February-April 1964, August-September 1964

Flower Drum, Phase II, November-December 1964

Green Mist, March-April 1967

Half Note, August-September 1966

High Low, January-February 1965

Magic Sword, May 1965

Night Train, November 1963-January 1964

Pin Point, 1966

Pine Ridge, May-June 1966

Rapid Tan, Phase I, II, III, July-August 1967, May-June 1968, August-September 1968

Red Cloud, November 1966-February 1967

Red Oak I, April-May 1966

Scarlet Sage, February-March 1966

Shady Grove, January-April 1965

Sun Down, February, April 1966

Swamp Oak I, March-April 1966

Tall Timber, April-June 1966

Watch Dog, summer 1967

West Side I, January-February 1965

West Side II, January-March 1965

Whistle Down, December 1962-February 1963

Yellow Leaf, February 1964, April-May 1966

The full listing of the tests, as of 31 December 2002, may be found here.

This is for all of the people who have served their nation.  (Especially the poor bastard from Arkansas who dreamed of going home to his parents, while the gas stopped his breathing.)
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