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"They feel like dwarfs, which is why they search for towers and those who tower mightily." 

     --playwright Ali Salem, "An Apology from an Arab," Time magazine

It's about 1 am, September 12, 2002.

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the terrorist attack that took over 3000 lives.

People are finally starting to ask the question that the politicos don't want to hear an answer to.

Reporters are asking the question of the people who rally against America and Americans.  They finally figured out that Bush's brilliant statement isn't the answer.  "They hate our freedoms," he's said.

I've read the answer in the paper.  One American educated Palestinian journalist made the point quite succinctly.  The people of the Arab nations don't hate America and the Americans.  They look at our lifestyle and our freedoms, and they want them.  There is a deep distrust and frustration with the American government.  Because this regime has put dictators into place in the Middle East, and has ignored the will of the people.  The US trained the Taliban to fight the USSR invasion, and the US put them in power.  It is easier to deal with (and ignore) nice, predictable despots than it is to keep diplomatic ties with democratic states that could change at the drop of a hat.

The governments are easier to deal with.  The people that have to live under those regimes aren't.  They want freedom, they want choice, they want a voice that can be heard without fear of retribution.

The current president has close ties with Israel, and has sided with that nation almost unwaveringly.  Bush has called Ariel Sharon a "man of peace" as Isreali tanks razed city blocks and shot Palestinians for being on the street after the Israeli-imposed curfew.  (I'm not saying that Israel is the bad guy here.  It seems to me that both sides have committed acts of terrorism.  Israel just has well-funded terrorists.)  The US government continues to dodge responsibility for bombing the hell out of an Afghani wedding party (in which women and children were killed), or for killing civilians during the "War on Terror."  The official line remains that "the troops responded to a perceived attack with the use of force.  That's what they're trained to do."  The government has justified these acts, while condemning "terrorist" acts.

Those are terrorist acts.  The difference is that we are well-funded.

At some point, the government needs to re-define the definition of terrorism.  It's not about suicide bombers or lone snipers.  Or the use of commercial aircraft to maximize destruction.  It's about the destruction of property, and killing innocent civilians.

When will the government accept culpability for the actions of its military and intelligence communities?

When will the politicos learn that what's easiest for them isn't what's in the best interest of the people?

(Click below for the text of an article that helped clarify my opinions on this question.)

U.S. Sympathy Sours In Mideast

"Time and again they manufacture a cause and rally the public around it, check out the movie 'Wag The Dog' " 
--Anti-Flag, "The Panama Deception"