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"All bad precedents begin with justifiable measures."
--Julius Caesar

Sunset Over Water

American Freedom is being eroded.  Vote responsibly.

Empower thy Self.   This is about upholding the Constitution, the basic rights of people everywhere.  Men, women, gays, straights, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, blue-collars, white-collars, black, white, orange, green, purple.  Gun owners, pacificts. The people who are working toward freedom.

"The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance."  --Thomas Jefferson.

"Tyranny exists when the people fear the government.  Liberty exists when the government fears the People."  --Thomas Jefferson.

"Those who will give up freedom for security deserve neither freedom nor security."  --Benjamin Franklin

This will be my guide to politics.  I look at both sides, and seek the center.  I am an extreme moderate.  (I look at both sides, and find the middle ground.)  I believe in the Federalist government that this nation was founded on, I disagree with their practices...  I want to get the populace to think about what's going on.  The good and the bad about what is happening.  What basic rights are given up for "security."

Agree or disagree, please take the time to think about why.   Just think about the decisions that you make.

I'm looking at each Amendment individually, giving my view on what they stand for, and why they're there.  I've just finished the First Amendment getting ready for the Third.  I hope to update this periodically.  Whether it's an amendment or some politico trying to pass restrictive legislation.  Or the weirdness that's happening in the world.  Keep checking back from time to time.  Sometimes, the weirdness gets overwhelming, and I need time to sort through it.  (That, and the "Tell me when this site is updated" link doesn't seem to be 100% effective.)

Today's headlines are at the bottom of the page.  Look under the president to see what's making the news.

With luck, I'll be able to get to the latest weirdness soon...  And I've found some scary stuff about the New American Imperialism...  Plus, I want to get around to stumping for my personal favorite holiday...  (06 November 2002)

Project SHAD (shipboard Hazard and Defense) Fact Sheets are now available on this site.  The Department of Defense is in the process of declassifying documents which detail secret tests of chemical and biological warfare conducted on US servicemen between 1963 and 1974.  I am providing these fact sheets as a service to the public.  (Some of the sheets are not available on the DeploymentLINK website, the links are broken.  I'm archiving them here as a convenience.)  I'll update them as the documents are made public.

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policing the pigs- protect your rights

I'm not sure how I feel about the latest Bush to enter the Oval Office.  The War on Terrorism feels like an excuse to remove more freedoms from the People, and to militarize all aspects of government.  On the other hand, I'm not sure that Gore could have taken action when needed.  We'll see how things unfold under this regieme.
The People are becoming more distanced from this Nation's leadership.  The wealth and priveledged make decisions for the working-class and the poor.  Not having lived through it, they don't understand how much harm is being done to the people that they were elected to serve.  The people have become apathetic in the choice between the lesser of two weasels, and are content to allow their rights to be eroded, as long as they get something in return.

It was intended as a government By, With, and For the People.  By, with, and for the poor bastards (like me) who have to work for a living. And pay taxes which are unconstitutiuonal.  (I will enjoy the Freedom of Speech while I can...  I have criticism of at least two governments on hand.  I am grateful that the First Ammendment is still somewhat intact.)  I am still a proud subject of America the Dutiful.
(If there is anything on this site that you own, let me know if you want it removed.  Just don't get cute and ask me to remove anything that I've written.)

Our President

The new King George
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Like it or not, this is the leader of the Novus Ordo Secularum.

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