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About the Idiot Running This Site

Here's the 4-1-1 on me, the man behind the curtain.  Pay no attention.

This site is being maintained by a thirty-something juvenile delinquent.  His name is William Rae.  His formal education is limited to an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts, and a number of failed attempts at continuing his education.  In a slightly less useless field, English.  He has recently received ordination.  That's right, kids.  It's now, "Minister William Rae."

His interest in politics was fuelled by his father (a high school graduate, and veteran of World War II), who read.  A lot of politics and history.  His father was a very active Republican.  William developed his own views on politics (he has been accused of being a Libertarian, though he decribes himself as either an Extreme Moderate or a Constitutional Fundamentalist), which are somewhere between liberal and conservative.  He has read a bit about what the United States was founded on.  He has tried to follow what policymakers are doing, and what the intents beneath their excuses really are.  Basically, he lacks the integrity to choose an extreme.

This is his first attempt at building a site.  Please forgive the boy if it turns out to be an eyesore. 

He also believes the talking about oneself in the third person makes one sound like an idiot.