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Protect and serve?  Get me a box of condoms and a six-pack of beer.

This is far too twisted to pass up.  Wrong on a multitude of levels.  This goes beyond Cheney shooting a guy in the face because he thought he was a pheasant.  (“It wasn’t the victim’s fault,” quoth Cheney.  He also admitted to—ADMITTED TO—okaying the use of torture in Iraq.  And he walked away.  This is the same administration that laughed as New Orleans sank into the Gulf of Mexico, made up stuff to go to was with Iraq, turned a blind eye to the hijacked airplanes on September 11, and is currently detaining hundreds of people in Guatanamo Bay illegally.  The USPATRIOT Act was re-upped, and Bush is listening to what you say to your significant other on a whim.  At least Google won their suit, blocking the search records of users.  Freedom of Speech.  The right to dissent.  The Privacy Act.  Most of our freedoms have been stripped, and all the while, the masses are shrugging, saying, “What can we do?” or, “We’re safer now.”  We can impeach them, censure them, and strip them of their power.  We may be safer from the enemy without, but it is the enemy within that we must fear most of all.  Those who would protect us from ourselves are most likely to turn on us when we do not expect it.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t do or say anything that might be construed as treasonous or terrorist.  When what you say can be recorded, and used against you, anything can and will be used against you.  Those who claim that they have nothing to hide and nothing to fear should be the most worried.  This skreed was promted by one of those people who are looking out for your best interests, the watchmen of your safety and security.  This is why we must fight harder to take back the power, and only be secure in our freedoms.)

                For several years, I’ve been fairly quiet.  Simply because the weirdness coming out of Washington D(e)C(eit) has been so profound and so often that I had too much to say.  It’s been like watching a train wreck from the inside.

                But this is something that I can’t let go.

                This is beyond comprehension.

                Michelle Spitzer, Associated Press writer, has reported (“Homeland Deputy Arrested in Seduction Case,” 5 April 2006) that the deputy press secretary of the Department of Homeland Security was “charged with using a computer to seduce a child.”  He was apparently trying to engage, what he believed to be, a fourteen year old girl in sexual conversation over the Internet.  The “girl” was a Sheriff’s Department officer.  The operation lasted about three weeks, in which time Doyle sent porn to the “girl.”  He asked her to get a webcam.  Three guesses why.

                According to the article, “On several occasions, Doyle instructed her to perform a sexual act while thinking of him and described explicit activities he wanted to have with her, investigators said.”

                The spin is going to be something along the lines of, “Doyle knew of this operation and the details of the individuals involved.  He knew that the ‘girl’ was, in fact, an officer.  He was posing as a degenerate to look for flaws in the operation.”

                I just realized that there’s some true irony in this:  Bush demanded search engine records, because he wants to shut down child porn.  (At least that’s the excuse.  Oh, yeah.  And I guess he’s trying to see if anyone has weapons of mass destruction online.)  The fourth-ranking official of the Department of Homeland inSecurity is avoiding the search engines for his kiddie porn, instead going straight to the source.

                I really feel the need to point something out here.



                These are the people that We the People are entrusting with the safety and security that the masses clamored for after the 9-ll attacks.  These are the people that we have entrusted our children's futures to.

                Do you really feel safer knowing that your phone calls, e-mails, and web searches are being monitored?  Are you feeling any safer knowing that the people doing the monitoring are engaged in illegal and immoral acts?  At what point do we stop and look at the motivations beyond what we’re told?  Because what we’re told is not the Truth.  It has been proven again and again that it’s not.

                And those who are in power have risen above the law, and above reproach.

                Clinton was impeached for having sex with an intern.

                Bush has burned the Constitution, declared war on a nation without provocation (which has never happened in the history of the United States), and has spied on American citizens.  Thousands of Americans are dead or crippled for life because Bush lied.  Millions of Americans are in danger of living under Fascist rule because we value safety over liberty.

                I love my country, which is why I will stand up against the tyranny we face.  Dissention is the foundation of freedom.

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"I didn't know she was underage.  Or a cop, for that matter."