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Fun stuff that I've downloaded from our government...

The links below are the text formats of various things that I've downloaded from the United States government.  Public information.  Some of it is a little chilling, some of it is downright terrifying, if you read between the lines.  Among other things, there's the text of an Al Qaeda training manual that was used as evidence against accused terrorists (chilling-- these people have refined their tactics, and are well trained to cause the greatest amount of damage with the least risk to their own people), a revelation that the US government has conducted chemical warfare (against the citizens of the US), and Bush's version of Mein Kampf, or how to keep the sheep corralled.  The things that are being done in the name of "public security" should leave us feeling very insecure.
Here are the first couple, along with brief commentary.  The House Resolutions themselves are in fun, downloadable Adobe Acrobat!
Don't have Adobe Acrobat yet?  Download it here:

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Rebuilding America's Defenses

The Patriot Act

The Red Oak fiasco

This site contains information about Project SHAD. For the average person, it is useful to see what was done. It is important if you or someone that you know served in the US Navy during the 1960s or early 1970s should look at this site. The owner of this site wants to hear from those who were there for Project SHAD. (

Terrorism 101

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