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"They pay for the deaths of those who speak of revolution/  While they keep us at each other's throats/  While we still pay their tax notes"
--Anti-Flag, "Daddy Warbux"

The so-called "Patriot Act" has some deep rammifications.  It's got such an innocent, pro-American, pro-freedom name that it would be hard to understand why anyone would be against it, especially "True Blue Patriots."
Keep in mind that they also named a missile (designed to make cooked hamburger out of perfectly good human beings) "Patriot."
The title is part of Bush's propaganda war against American citizens.  Anyone who doesn't go along with this bill must be un-patriotic and, therefore un-American.  Does anyone remember what happened the last time they let out that wolf?  It's in the history books.  It's called McCarthyism.  Protecting America from those evil, freedom-loving bastards who are willing to speak out against the status-quo, who refuse to knuckle under to those in power.  Terrible people, really.  They're the same ones who say that we need the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to defend ourselves against tyrannies.  (It's just sick what some people will do to defend the Bill of Rights.)
Some of the highlights of the Patriot Act:  Broader powers for law enforcement (especially at the federal level) to gather information against any citizen of the United States or a forgein power, in the United States and abroad, without a court warrant.
Can you say, "Illegal search and seizure?"  This goes way beyond any "reasonable" need.  Under the Patriot Act, they can seize the accounts of suspects for no reason other that the fact that they are suspects.  An arbitrary call.  What's on your voice mail or in your e-mail?  Anything that could be constued as relating to terrorism, computer fraud, or un-American activity?  (Which could be anything, including a derrogatory comment about the local law enforcement officers.)  It can be seized.  Anything that might possibly be used against you will be.  And it doesn't matter how it's gathered, thanks to this harmless little Act.  It's all nice and legal, warrant or no warrant.
Pull up a chair, grab a couple of beverages, and peruse this document, and ask yourself, "What kind of patriot am I?  Am I going to allow the government to strip the last of my basic rights so that I can feel secure in knowing that the bad, bad terrorists are behind bars?  Or could this document be used to put me behind bars with them?"

The Patriot Act .pdf

With Republicans controlling the government, it's getting closer to the New World Order...