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In the 1960s, the CIA drew up a plan that would justify an armed assault of Cuba.  The plan involved hijacking a commercial passenger airliner, and flying it into a heavily populated Florida city.
The plan was scrapped, but the documentation of it remained.
On September 11, 2001, the unthinkable happened...

There are things that I don't want to believe, things that are simply too dreadful to believe.  I don't want to think that the CIA carried out a plan to involve the United States in a war with the Taliban, covering up the mistake that they made when they helped to put the Taliban in power.  Or the fact that they trained Osama bin Laden and the "freedom fighters" to hold off the USSR invation of Afghanistan.
I don't want to think that the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were assisted by our own government.
But there is evidence that points to that fact.  The CIA might not have been inside the cockpits of those doomed flights, but they might have been in control when thousands of people were killed.
The link below will take you to one of the most comprehensive pages detailing the tragedy, and why it might have been more than America's fault...

The World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism

Here are part of the lyrics to Anti-Flag's "Anatomy of Your Enemy," from the album Mobilize.  Think about what has been said since September 11, 2001...
10 easy steps to create an enemy and start a war:
Listen closely because we will all see this weapon used in our lives.
It can be used on a society of the most ignorant to the most highly educated.
We need to see their tactics as a weapon against humanity and not as truth.

First step: create the enemy. Sometimes this will be done for you.

Second step: be sure the enemy you have chosen is nothing like you.
Find obvious differences like race, language, religion, dietary habits
fashion. Emphasize that their soldiers are not doing a job,
they are heartless murderers who enjoy killing!

Third step: Once these differences are established continue to reinforce them with all disseminated information.

Fourth step: Have the media broadcast only the ruling party's information
this can be done through state run media.
Remember, in times of conflict all for-profit media repeats the ruling partys
Therefore all for-profit media becomes state-run.

Fifth step: show this enemy in actions that seem strange, militant, or
Always portray the enemy as non-human, evil, a killing machine.

Sixth step: Eliminate opposition to the ruling party.
Create an "Us versus Them" mentality. Leave no room for opinions in between.
One that does not support all actions of the ruling party should be considered a traitor.

Seventh step: Use nationalistic and/or religious symbols and rhetoric to define all actions.
This can be achieved by slogans such as "freedom loving people versus those who hate freedom."
This can also be achieved by the use of flags.

Eighth step: Align all actions with the dominant deity.
It is very effective to use terms like, "It is gods will" or "god bless our

Ninth step: Design propaganda to show that your soldiers
have feelings, hopes, families, and loved ones.
Make it clear that your soldiers are doing a duty; they do not want or like to kill.

Tenth step: Create an atmosphere of fear and instability
and then offer the ruling party as the only solutions to comfort the publics
Remembering the fear of the unknown is always the strongest fear.

What can be done?  Make those responsible accountable.  Don't just accept the official line.  Ask the questions, no matter how difficult, until you find answers.