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A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

I was going to do these by the numbers.  However, I am starting with the one Amendment that ensures the rest (except when they have been given up by the Will of the Peoplethe ones who would gladly give up freedom for security, and slowly enslave the rest of us.  The Right of the People to keep an armed militia is essential.  The Right of the individual to keep and bear arms is the most direct way to preserve the rest of the Rights.

It is not about hunting or sportsmanship.  Its about being as well, if not better, armed than the government.  It is about forcing back the police-state that the lax citizens have welcomed, to save us all from the vicious people who have two beers and drive home, those heathen packs of teens that hang out on the streets and willfully disregard the right of the People not to have to look at them, the murderous people who smoke in public places, and the maniacs who drive five miles per hour over the speed limit.  There are more cops than real criminals: the murderers, thieves and rapists.  Jails are crowding with otherwise honest citizens whose only crime was to alter their reality with drugs or alcohol.  (Drugs should be legalized, taxed, and regulated.  The War on Drugs only gave the big-time dealers and gang bangers an excuse to shoot back.)

That brings me back to the topic at hand.  I personally believe in gun control.  If you do not have good control of the weapon, you will not hit the target as often.

The first thing that despotic governments take away from the citizens is weaponry.  Why, you might ask, would they ever want to do that?  So that the citizens will not shoot back when the government moves in to crush them.  The United States has actively sought to make firearms as inaccessible as possible, outlawed many types of firearms (automatic weapons, for example).  The same firearms that are given the military are kept out of our hands.  Laws are being enacted and enforced that make small crimes misdemeanors, and if enough small crimes are committed by one person, its a felony.  Felons cant buy guns.

After September 11, 2001, gun sales rose astronomically.  Why?  A lot of people realized that Big Brother could not protect us.  Those who traded freedom for security suddenly became very insecure, and much less free.

Now, the citizens have the right to be as well armed as the government.  So, I want a nuclear missile.  How secure would I be in knowing that my rights will remain, with a one-megaton bomb in my backyard, and the means to deploy it?  I would be extremely secure.  I would have no question that my freedoms of speech, religion, and peaceful assembly would remain intact.  That my property would be safe from seizure.

It has been argued that if I can have a missile, whats to keep some pinhead with a death-wish from getting one and blowing us all to hell and gone?  Nothing.  In fact, theres no guarantee that some pinhead won't fill a moving van with manure and diesel (McVey) or high explosives (the first Trade Center attack) and try to kill a few thousand people.

Lawmakers have also tried to use school shooting, and gang-related shootings to argue for tougher gun laws.

HELLOOOO!  Think that one through.  Is a 16-year-old kid going to walk into a gun shop and by an AK-47 with his lunch money?  Is a gang member going to save his nickels and dimes from his paper-route to legally purchase a registered weapon?  THESE ARE CRIMINALS.  Real criminals, hard-core thugs.  They are the ones that the gun laws are (supposedly) targeting.  But they are completely unaffected by the laws.  They ignore the law completely.

So what are the gun laws really doing?  Making criminals out of honest citizens who are trying to protect themselves.  Creating a new class of criminals out of honest citizens.  Getting the weapons out of the peoples hands.  (Remember that whole Despotic government thing?  Are you seeing the deeper connotations?  Are you keeping up here?)

One rather famous politician gained the favor of the people by promoting school uniforms, censorship of offensive materials, and gun control, among other things.  The citizens could be secure, and assured that they would be taken care of.  It would have been Utopian.

Any guesses who this wonderful idealist was?  Anyone?

Those who guessed Adolf Hitler win.  Remember that, thanks to him, over six million (6,000,000) people lost.

This is why we must reclaim our most basic rights and freedoms.

Donovan Jackson, 16, in handcuffs. July 6, 2002.
"Quis custiodet ipsos custiodes?" --Juvenal, "The Satires"

"Not even 5 enforcement agencies can save their own.  Never mind the people.  Tonite it is raining ashes on the city.  Did anyone prophesize these people?"
--The Clash, "Red Angel Dragnet," from the album Combat Rock