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Thoughts on the brewing war and other weirdness...

     This keeps getting weirder and weirder...
     Iraq has been under the thumb of the US and UN since 1991, after the Gulf War.  Thousands of childern have starved to death because of sanctions against Iraq.  And they sell us oil.
     The last time I checked, that's extortion.
     Wait.  I'm sorry.  Because a nation with an insanely well-armed and uniformed military (like Israel-- they're "militaries" and not "terrorists" because they have the support of 1) the United States, and 2) they are organized and state-sanctioned thugs, like cops... I'll get to the cops thing later) is behind this totalitarian activity (I'm in a mood.  I'm not terribly happy with America, the American people, the American elected officials-- who are 1) millionaires or soon-to-be- filthy, dirty, stinking rich while I'm trying to scrape together enough money to pay rent, and 2) acting in the interests of the corporations who bought their power and loyalty, rather than the citizens that voted for them-- and the incredible arrogance that America has shown to the world while children are being staved in basements and women and girls are being kidnapped and sold on our own streets, and our "elected" officials are condemning the practises of monolithic corporations that stole BILLIONS of dollars from American workers, while those officials justify their own, similar, practises both in business and in office...  This is getting way off-course.  Suffice it to say that I'm extra bitter today) this totalitarian activity (Go back to the start of that last paragragh like I did to catch back up.  If you've made it this far, I'm impressed.  Congratulate yourself for having an attention span.  Seriously.  You're one of the few) is not extortion.  It's "politics."
      That also traslates into-- you ready for this?-- nation-building.  Yes, that's right, the good ol' U S of A is a nation-builder.
     Remeber Noriega?  We placed him in power, and got pissed when he became a better drug dealer than the CIA.  Remember the Taliban?  We put them in power, trained them, and gave them an "impregnable fortress" at Tora Bora.  Does the name Osama bin Laden ring a bell?  We trained him, sold him weapons, and gave him all the help we could.  Does the phrase "patsy" mean anything?
      Because September 11, 2001 stinks.  It reeks.  It is unbelievable what the most likely possibility of the truth of it is.
      Now...  During the little Iran/Iraq squabble, the US changed sides more often than Bill Clinton changed mistresses.  We helped Saddam Hussein.  We helped the Ayatollah.  We sold weapons to Israel, Palestine, and numerous other nations that we firmly believed wouldn't use them, let alone against each other.  The first King George (the one that's really running the country now-- do you really believe that Little George got lucky with the way that the Florida fiasco played out? do you really believe that he'd be able to put together a coherent statement without his father's hand up his arse?) sold biochemicals and germs used in "alternative weaponry" to Iraq a few years later.  About one year before the US decided that we had to invade that country.  The war in which our own troops came down with a mysterious disease (that the government claimed, for a long time, was a figment of the soldiers' imaginations).  It was well known (but little talked of) that the US was targeting Saddam Hussein.  It wasn't about the Kurdish people, or the sovreignty of Kuwait.  It was about putting a nice, quiet puppet into place in Iraq.  Ten percent of the world's oil.  Targeted Hussein.  (Do you have the picture yet?)
      However, Iraq's military gave up without trying.  (Mainly because they were already hungry and tired from the sanctions, and just wanted one good meal.  Also because the US outclasses the rest of the world-- combined-- when it comes to military forces.  Israel's the only nation we're worried about pissing off.  Because they have the best weapons and the most eliete soldiers.  One Israeli with a shoestring would be able to put our Navy Seals to shame.  All of them.)  The US wasn't given enough time to complete the conquest of Iraq.  (Oops...  Did I say "conquest" out loud?)
      Jump ahead about a decade, and about twenty scandals...  The Middle East is reasonably quiet, except that Israel (led by a "Man of Peace" according to Bush) is peeing in Palestine, and refusing to recognize their sovreignty.  "We need defensible borders" Israel says.  This, just 10 years after bombing the crap out of Iraq for one stray Scud missile that landed on Israeli territoryduring the Gulf War.  The Israelis didn't have to get up off the couch to do that.  They launched an impressive display from within their own borders.  Things are heating up between nuclear rivals India and Pakistan.  Yes, nuclear rivals.  Both of those nations could make the other nation glow in the dark.
      But the Taliban is being relatively quiet.  Osama bin Laden and his cronie One-Eyed Omar have taken up embassy bombing as a hobby.  Nothing major, but enough to make them targets, if needed.
       Now why would the US, currently in the business of democratic nation-building, as opposed to military-dictatorship-building, want to put an extremist theocracy in place in the Middle East?
      Theocracies are funny things.  In Europe before and during the Middle Ages, the church was entwined in the kingdoms.  Government existed as a way to protect the church, and act as its military.  In turn, the church gave God's blessing to things like the Crusades and burning women on stakes.  The people were happy.  (At least, as happy as they could be, having to eke out a living working the fields for the aristocracy...  Come to think of it, that sounds familiar...)  Having the Will of God behind them, the kingdoms held absolute power.
      What the US was (I assume) trying to do was make the theocracy work for the government.  "It is the Will of God because we tell you it is," as the theory goes.
      Solid logic.  Really.  Except it doesn't work that way.  The mistake was (are ya listening, Georgie?) that rather than become the Will of God-- that is, to spin the logic so that it is God's will that we pull the strings-- we tried to say that we were the Will of God.  It's a gray area, sure.  But, this is religion after all.  Once you stop being God, things ain't quite so black-and-white.
      Now, the Middle East holds a major portion of the oil supplies.  (Russia also has a huge amount of oil, but they also have nukes.)  They control who gets the oil.  They control how much is paid for that oil.  That is why they (and the Bush family) are so incredibly wealthy.
     (Side note:  The average representative serving in Wahington DC(eit) walks away-- after just one year in service, regardless-- with a pension of $15,000 a month.  Try to quantify that number.  Fifteen Thousand dollars per Month.  Almost Four Thousand dollars per Week.  About Six Hunderd dollars per Day, including weekends.  Their monthly pension is more than what people living at Poverty Level earn in a Year.  That is your money that they are walking away with.  That is the money that you paid into the government for taxes.  Did they really earn it?  Trent Lott is making more than that.  You paid for him to live well for the rest of his life.)
      Okay.  So, we have an extremist group sitting in a strategic location to launch assaults on the rest of the Middle East.  While incredible amounts of human rights violations are going on around the world.  And people are being kidnapped and sold in the US.  (My crime?  I assaulted the white line on the side of the road at 2 am with my tires.  The cop likely did that on his way to work.  And I'm being treated as though I beat up a kindergartener for her lunch money.  At some point, we really need to stop and consider what the laws that are in place are really doing.  I'm now considered a criminal for driving home.  I'm being punished, targeted and harrassed by cops, for a behavior, not for any criminal action or intent.  The System is in the business of creating criminals out of citizens.  It makes the citizens easier to control.)  North Korea has laughed in the face of the US over their nuclear weapons.  Iraq has old ordinance that is not usable.
     (One more thing.  We have nuclear capabilities, along with a handful of other nations.  Why is it that we believe that we're the only morons who should be able to blow up the world?  Bushie has broken several agreements with other nations over nukes.  Why is he so surprised that other nations are thumbing their noses at us?  ARROGANCE, PEOPLE!  We are not the greatest thing to hit the planet since oxygen.  In fact, we're proving that a federalist democracy DOES NOT WORK because, ultimately, PEOPLE ARE TOO LAZY AND IRRESPONSIBLE TO GOVERN THEMSELVES.  That's why we have stupid laws in effect that protect us from ourselves, why we're living in a nation with an entitlement mentality, and why people are able to sue independent companies for millions of dollars because they manufactured the gun that killed someone's son or the tobacco that someone's grandmother chewed.  I'm sorry, but the only person who is responsible for the death is the idiot who pointed the gun.  Nobody else.  The gun manufacturer didn't hand out a wanted poster with the firearm, they didn't write a name on the bullet.  They sure as hell didn't pull the trigger.  It's not the parents' faults, not the faults of the peers, or the dealer who sold the drugs.  It is the personal and sole responsibility of the pinhead who decided to pick up the weapon (and there's a reason guns are refferred to as "weapons" and not "toys"-- they are designed to propel chunks of metal at high velocities with flat trajectories.  They are designed to do damage), point it at another perfectly good human being, pull the trigger, and turn said perfectly good human being into hamburger.  It is the shooter's fault.  In war, the responsibility falls on the idiot who gave the orders.  In the US, that idiot would be the president.  (The last Just war was World War II.  Hitler had to be stopped.))
     Okay.  Recap:  extremist group, oil, no worries about nukes where we need to worry about them.  Someone lands an airplane inside of an office building.  (Not an American landmark, or a strategically located American financial institution-- a global institution.  It doesn't just hurt the US, it hurts the world.)  No one takes the blame, no group stands up proudly and claims responsibility (when they're usually fighting over who actually did it, each taking credit).  So the US officials pick a name out of a hat:  bin Laden and the Taliban.  Strategically located, and put in place by the US years ago.
     The problem is, there's a failing economy, big business is faltering, travel is bombing (bad pun), and the nation is in the toilet.  What better distraction than a war?
     Now, we can't go to war with someone who stands a chance.  We can't go to war with a nation that Americans would find the least bit sympathetic.  And we can't go to war without provocation.  (Damn.  That last one's a bugger.  Because we're more justified to invade Korea than we are Iraq.  Hell, we're more justified to invade Canada.)
      Bush has said it from the outset:  We are invading Iraq.  Bush has been handed ABSOLUTE POWER to declare war (UNCONSTITUTIONAL-- only Congress can decalre war.  Which is why Viet Nam was a "police action" for so long.  That makes me sick.  Our troops were placed into an impossible situation and told to win.  They would have been better off in front of a firing squad.  Ther own government sent them into a slaughter, and the people spat on them when they came home, like it was their fault that the enemy used children as weapons.  No one came out of that war a winner.  The vets aren't to blame.  They did what they had to do.  I thank each and every veteran, of every war.  Thank you).  He's willing to go to war for no reason other than to depose Hussein, and put in a puppet regieme.  He has stated that publicly.  And he believes that he's right to do so.
     That would give America a controlling interest in the world's oil supply.
     That is theft.  That leads to extortion.  That is corrupt.

Okay.  So I've had a bad day.  For the last ten years.