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...or "Happy Ramadan to our Persian Gulf allies!"

Another election has passed without much turmoil.  At least, I havent heard of any shootings or mob scenes.

Then again, the media was kept from doing exit polls.

However, there's something on my mind that didn't have much to do with this year's elections.  (Other than the fact that I'm starting to believe that Florida is purposely rigging the elections in favor of anyone named "Bush."  Seriously.  How many states could hold their heads high with pride, given that their governor is named Jeb?  But, it was the "former" (snickers) leader of the free world George Senior (a.k.a. "The Puppetmaster") who named him.  I'm not sure which bothers me more...)

It's the fact that Little George is still seriously looking into invading Iraq.  He's willing to put the lives of children on the line to prove what? that he's not his daddy? that he can win a war that was won years ago?  There is no real reason to invade Iraq at this point.  There are a dozen other nations that have more potential to be a major threat right now.

North Korea has been building The Bomb.  India and Pakistan have The Bomb, and they're fighting unchecked over a small piece of land that could end up glowing within the year.  Israel continues to insist that it needs "defendable borders" (even though they were able to do significant damage to Iraq in the Gulf War from the comfort of their current borders-- missiles are useful that way), and they continue to wage an anti-terrorism campaign against Palestine.  (Quick recap:  Palestinian suicide bombers have blown up busses, killing innocent people, including children.  Israel has launched airstrikes and bulldozed city blocks, killing innocent people, including children.  The difference is that Israel has a funded army, and wears uniforms.  Palestine doesn't have a recognized state.)

So instead of trying to stop the very real, and very dangerous threats to the nations of the world, Little George is going to send hundreds of American kids to make hamburger out of Iraqis.  Who will be trying to make hamburger out of them.  Through sanctions, the Iraqis have died in droves from hunger and disease.  They're an easy target.

I'm not saying that Saddam Hussein shouldn't be deposed, or the he's innocent.  His own people, and most of the Islamic nations neighboring Iraq would be happier without him.  But, it's not up to the United States to get rid of him, or the supposed threat that he poses.

It is only in the interest of oil companies, and military contractors, to perform a hostile takeover of Iraq.

The United States should have learned from the lesson of Afghanistan.  We are not nation-builders.  We have no right to shape the world in our own image.

Call the White House and voice your opinion, either "I oppose" or "I approve" of the new Gulf Invasion.  The number is (202) 456-1111.

Also:  From To send free faxes to your representatives

in Congress (both House and Senate) asking them to give United

Nations Inspectors a chance or to learn more just click this link:


The fix is on.
And I wonder what we have on Saudi Arabia.