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The only constant is change...

I was looking at the site, and I realized that if I kept going with it the way I have been, the front page would be one big directory.  That's a bad thing, since it makes it difficult to find anything.  And it looks bad.
So, I've started to make sub-categories.  Each page on the navigation bar (with a couple of exceptions) leads to a sub-category.  That page gives a brief description of what's covered, along with links to those rants and screeds (the underlined stuff).
New screeds will appear on the main directory for a week or two (depending on how often I get time to update), and then will be relegated to one of the sub-directories.  Where they will remain forever (or until the government decides that free speech is too dangerous for the citizens).
I've tried to make the categories self-explanatory.  Whether or not they are is another story.
Over the next few weeks, I hope to add new features to the site, so keep checking back.
And the e-mail address on the front page is real,  Let me know what you think.
Peace and revol!

Caveat emptor...