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The beginning of the End of America.... 

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Will we let this happen here?

This is completely off-the-cuff, without editing.  I've read a couple of news items concerning the establishment of Martial Law (in the guise of "Homeland Security").  It appears that Tom Ridge, director of Homeland Security has proposed to give the armed forces the right to search and seizure, arrest, and other powers over American citizens that have been exclusive to law enforcement.
This means that, without a warrant, the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines can enter any privately owned property and sack it.  Without any recourse to the Law.  Both sides of the spectrum (Democrats and Republicans) are supporting this, and seeking ways around the established laws against it.
If this is successful, no one is safe.  The government can pull your name out of a hat, and unconstitutionally search your property, and seize what "evidence" that they deem is needed to build a case against you.
Just yesterday, I was wondering if the last rant seemed too paranoid.  Today's news confirmed that I'm not.  The federal government is overstepping its boundaries, in the name of the security of the citizens.  When it is, in fact, trying to strip the citizens of any personal security that we have left.
They are denying the governed any choice in this.
Each of us, no matter what we believe, is a potential target for unlawful search and seizure, arrest, or worse, should this state of Martial Law be enacted.
Think I'm taking this to too much of an extreme?  If you do, I hope that you have a comfortable job within the New World Order.  I hope that you can live with your complacency.
I hope that your children grow into placid sheep that don't try to break the chains of conformity.  I hope that they can live without freedom.

This is the new face of law enforcement.
Your fellow American.

Count sheep...  You might be able to sleep tonight...
Knowledge is power.  (Screw knowledge.  Just arm yourself.)